2023 Ka'u Honey Co. (Pick Up Only)

2023 Ka'u Honey Co. (Pick Up Only)

Ka'u High and Pahala Elementary *Local Honey From Student's Apiary
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 Ka'u Honey Co., Ka'u High and Pahala Elementary 

Ka'u Honey is a sweet treat that not only tastes good, it is also healthy for you. We safely extract honey from the honeycomb and avoid using smoke or harmful chemicals to ensure the bees are kept healthy and live their full life. While bees are collecting the nectar and pollen, they are also helping the plants grow.

Product Size: 12oz

Pre-pay and reserve yours today! Pick up at Kapiolani Community College (KCC) Farmer's Market on Oahu on April 22, 2023 from 7:30am - 11am.

*Pick up also available at Ka'u High and Pahala Elementary on Hawaii Island on April 25th between 2:15 - 4:00 pm.

About Us:

I am a student at Ka'u High and Pahala Elementary and a second generation honey farmer. From a very young age I had an interest in the process of extracting honey. We start by making sure the bees are thriving and healthy. Then we cut off the caps on the honey comb and put the honey comb into a spinner. Honey starts to drip out of the comb onto the walls of the spinner. It flows down the walls and collects in a bucket with a filter on the top to catch any little pieces of honey comb that fall off. Lastly, we package the honey for others to enjoy. Being able to access fresh honey and enjoy the taste and the health benefits has inspired me to share with others.